Electrical Online Test 30

Electrical Online Test 30

Electrical Online Test 30

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Attempt Free Electrical Online Test 30 Here. Read The Important Electrical MCQ From Below.

1) Coral reefs in India can be found in

a. The coast of Orissa
b. Waltair
c. Rameswaram
d. Trivandrum
Ans. c. Rameswaram

2) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

a. Started as a maths teacher and rose to the position of the principal of Ferguson College, Pune
b. Founded the servants of India Society
c. Served as President of the Indian National Congress in 1905
d. All of the these
Ans. d. All of the these

3) For the Olympics and World Tournaments, the dimensions of basketball court are

a. 26 m x 14 m
b. 28 m x 15 m
c. 27 m x 16 m
d. 28 m x 16 m
Ans. b. 28 m x 15 m

4) Who was the first Indian Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army ?

a. Gen. K.M. Cariappa
b. Vice-Admiral R.D. Katari
c. Gen. Maharaja Rajendra Singhji
d. None of the these
Ans. a. Gen. K.M. Cariappa

5) The Garo, Khasi and Jaintia Hills were formed in the same age as the

a. Himalayas
b. Siwalik range
c. Malwa Pleateau
d. Himachal Range
Ans. c. Malwa Pleateau

Electrical Online Test 30

6) Silent valley is situated in-

a. Uttarakhand
b. Kerala
c. Arunachal
d. Jammu and Kashmir
Ans. b. Kerala

7) Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) was established in

a. 1958
b. 1957
c. 1956
d. 1954
Ans. b. 1957

8) Famous sculptures depicting art of love built some time in 950 AD – 1050 AD are

a. Khajuraho temples
b. Jama Masjid
c. Sun temple
d. Mahabalipuram temples
Ans. a. Khajuraho temples

9) For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?

a. Physics and Chemistry
b. Physiology or Medicine
c. Literature, Peace and Economics
d. All of the THESE
Ans. d. All of the THESE

10) The northernmost limit of India is –

a. 36º 4´ N latitude
b. 37º 8´ N latitude
c. 36º 12´ N latitude
d. 37º 6´ N latitude
Ans. d. 37º 6´ N latitude

Electrical Online Test 30

11) The ozone layer restrictsone do you like?

a. Visible light
b. Infrared radiation
c. X-rays and gamma rays
d. Ultraviolet radiation
Ans. d. Ultraviolet radiation

12) The Largest Tribal Community in india is

a. Bhills
b. Gonds
c. Santhals
d. Tharus
Ans. a. Bhills

13) India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.

a. Gold
b. Copper
c. Mica
d. None of these
Ans. c. Mica

14) Federation Cup, World Cup, Allywyn International Trophy and Challenge Cup are awarded to winners of

a. Tennis
b. Volleyball
c. Basketball
d. Cricket
Ans. b. Volleyball

15) True desert in Rajasthan is known as –

a. Bagar
b. Rohilkhand
c. Khadar
d. Marusthali
Ans. d. Marusthali

Electrical Online Test 30

16) G-15 is an economic grouping of

a. First World Nations
b. Second World Nations
c. Third World Nations
d. Fourth World Nations
Ans. c. Third World Nations

17) Headquarters of UNO are situated at

a. New York, USA
b. Hague (Netherlands)
c. Geneva
d. Paris
Ans. a. New York, USA

18) Heavy Water Project (Talcher) and Fertilizer plant (Paradeep) are famous industries of

a. Orissa
b. Tamil nadu
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Kerala
Ans. a. Orissa

19) Durand Cup is associated with the game of

a. Cricket
b. Football
c. Hockey
d. Volleyball
Ans. b. Football

20) Garampani sanctuary is located at

a. Junagarh, Gujarat
b. Diphu, Assam
c. Kohima, Nagaland
d. Gangtok, Sikkim
Ans. b. Diphu, Assam

Electrical Online Test 30

21) Film and TV institute of India is located at

a. Pune (Maharashtra)
b. Rajkot (Gujarat)
c. Pimpri (Maharashtra)
d. Perambur (Tamilnadu)
Ans. a. Pune (Maharashtra)

22) Palk Strait connects India to –

a. Sri Lanka
b. Pakistan
c. Myanmar
d. None of the above
Ans. a. Sri Lanka

23) Where is the oldest oil refinery in India located?

a. Digboi
b. Cochin
c. Mathura
d. Guwahati
Ans. a. Digboi

Electrical Online Test 30

24) For galvanizing iron which of the following metals is used?

a. Aluminium
b. Copper
c. Lead
d. Zinc
Ans. d. Zinc

25) Hockey was introduced in the Asian Games in

a. 1958 in Tokyo
b. 1962 in Jakarta
c. 1966 in Bangkok
d. 1970 in Bangkok
Ans. a. 1958 in Tokyo

Electrical Online Test 30