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Ques. :1 Who among the following sportspersons was conferred Padma Shri award announced on 26 Jan 2017?
1) Vikas Gowda
2) Dipa Karmakar
3) Sakshi Malik
4) Virat Kohli
5) All of these

Ans. 5) All of these

Ques. :2 Enrique Pena Nieto is the present President of which of the following countries?
1) Cuba
2) Mexico
3) Canada
4) Vietnam
5) Philippines

Ans. 2) Mexico


Ques. :3 Burj Khalifa tower, the world’s tallest building, was lit up in the colours of the Indian National flag on 25 Jan and 26 Jan 2017. The tower is located in
1) Tehran
2) Dubai
3) Kuwait City
4) Kuala Lumpur
5) Tel Aviv

Ans. 2) Dubai

Ques. :4 The US President Donald Trump recently signed directives to build a wall along the US border with
1) Canada
2) Nicaragua
3) Mexico
4) Guatemala
5) Cuba

Ans. 3) Mexico

Ques. :5 What is India’s ranking in a list of eight great powers for the year 2017issued by the leading American foreign policy magazine “The American Interest”?
1) Third
2) Fourth
3) Fifth
4) Sixth
5) Seventh

Ans. 4) Sixth


Ques. :6 Facing sexual harassment charges, V Shanmuganathan recently resigned as the Governor of
1) Meghalaya
2) Assam
3) Kerala
4) Tripura
5) Mizoram

Ans. 1) Meghalaya

Ques. :7 Which state has announced a total ban on polythene carry bags from May 1, 2017 across the state?
1) Uttar Pradesh
2) Madhya Pradesh
3) Himachal Pradesh
4) Kerala
5) Sikkim

Ans. 2) Madhya Pradesh

Ques. :8 The highest peacetime military decoration award – the Ashok Chakra – was given posthumously to who among the following on the eve of 68th Republic Day?
1) Jagdish Chand
2) Mahendra Singh
3) Mohan Nath Goswami
4) Hangpan Dada
5) Santosh Mahadik

Ans. 4) Hangpan Dada

Ques. :9 Which country has built the world’s biggest solar park at the Longyangxia Dam Solar Park which can produce 850 MW of power?
1) South Korea
2) Mongolia
3) China
4) Japan
5) Vietnam

Ans. 3) China


Ques. :10 Matthew Hayden and David Boon have been inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame. Both are the former cricketers of
1) New Zealand
2) Australia
3) South Africa
4) England
5) West Indies

Ans. 2) Australia