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Attempt Free QUIZ OF DAY-07-02 Here. Read The Important Electrical MCQ From Below.

Ques. :1 Which of the following was the first bank to introduce the ATM concept in India way back in 1987?
1) CITI Bank
3) Deutsche Bank
4) Standard Chartered
5) Barclays Bank

Ans. 2) HSBC

Ques. :2 In a bid to discourage cash transactions, which of the following banks has decided to steeply increase the fees for savings account holders on a slew of activities involving cash?
1) HDFC Bank
2) ICICI Bank
3) Kotak Mahindra Bank
4) Federal Bank
5) SBI

Ans. 1) HDFC Bank

Ques. :3 Name the present governor of Tamil Nadu who accepted the resignation of CM O Panneerselvam recently.
1) Vidyasagar Rao
2) Kiran Bedi
3) P Sathasivam
4) Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala
5) OP Kohli

Ans. 1) Vidyasagar Rao


Ques. :4 Which team won the gold medal in the boy’s team event at the Asian Junior Squash championship in Hong Kong recently?
1) Sri Lanka
2) China
3) Pakistan
4) Malaysia
5) India

Ans. 5) India

Ques. :5 India will host FIBA Women’s Asia Cup basketball tournament in Jul 2017 in
1) Chennai
2) Bengaluru
3) New Delhi
4) Mumbai
5) Kolkata

Ans. 2) Bengaluru

Ques. :6 Alastair Cook resigned as the Test captain of which of the following teams recently?
1) West Indies
2) New Zealand
3) South Africa
4) England
5) Australia

Ans. 4) England


Ques. :7 The Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana (CMSGUY) was launched in which of the following states with a financial outlay of Rs 30,000 cr recently?
1) Sikkim
2) Bihar
3) West Bengal
4) Odisha
5) Assam

Ans. 5) Assam

Ques. :8 Chief Minister Raghubar Das has announced that two per cent reservation will be given to sports persons in govt jobs in the state of
1) Maharashtra
2) Chhattisgarh
3) Jharkhand
4) Tripura
5) Telangana

Ans. 3) Jharkhand

Ques. :9 The PAHAL scheme is associated with which of the following?
1) Replacing LPG with PNG
2) Decontrolling Diesel
3) LPG subsidy
4) Mixing of ethanol with Petrol
5) Building strategic oil reserves

Ans. 3) LPG subsidy

Ques. :10 TR Zeliang is the present Chief Minister of which of the following states?
1) Manipur
2) Nagaland
3) Tripura
4) Assam
5) Meghalaya

Ans. 2) Nagaland

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