Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

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Attempt Free Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2 Here. Read The Important Electrical MCQ From Below.

Q1. In electric press, mica is used because it is ____ conductor of heat but/and ____ conductor of electricity.

 A. bad, good

 B. bad, bad

 C. good, bad [Correct Answer]

 D. good, good

Answer : C

Q2. Direct arc furnaces have which of the following power factors ?

 A. Unity

 B. Low, lagging [Correct Answer]

 C. Low, leading

 D. Any of the above

Answer : B

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Q3 . ____ is used for heating non-conducting materials.

 A. Eddy current heating

 B. Arc heating

 C. Induction heating

 D. Dielectric heating [Correct Answer]

Answer : D

Q4. Induction heating process is based on which of the following principles ?

 A. Thermal ion release principle

 B. Nucleate heating principle

 C. Resistance heating principle

 D. Electro-magnetic induction principle [Correct Answer]

Answer : D

Q5. By the use of which of the following, high frequency power supply for induc­tion furnaces can be obtained ?

 A. Coreless transformers

 B. Current transformers

 C. Motor-generator set [Correct Answer]

 D. Multi-phase transformer

Answer : C

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Q6. Due to which of the following reasons it is desirable to have short arc length ?

 A. To achieve better heating

 B. To increase the life of roof refractory

 C. To have better stirring action

 D. To reduce problem of oxidation

 E. All of the above [Correct Answer]

Answer : E

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Q7. Resistance variation method of temperature control is done by connecting resis­tance elements in

 A. series

 B. parallel

 C. series-parallel connections

 D. star-delta connections

 E. all of the above ways [Correct Answer]

Answer : E

Q8. In direct arc furnace which of the following has high value ?

 A. Current [Correct Answer]

 B. Voltage

 C. Power factor

 D. All of the above

Answer : A

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Q9. Which of the following methods of heating is not dependent on the frequency of supply ?

 A. Induction heating

 B. Dielectric heating

 C. Electric resistance heating [Correct Answer]

 D. All of the above

Answer : C

Q10. Which of the following insulating materials is suitable for low temperature applica­tions?

 A. Asbestos paper

 B. Diatomaceous earth [Correct Answer]

 C. 80 percent magnesia

 D. Cork

Answer : B

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Q11. Induction furnaces are employed for which of the following?

 A. Heat treatment of castings [Correct Answer]

 B. Heating of insulators

 C. Melting aluminium

 D. None of the above

Answer : A

Q12. In the indirect resistance heating method, maximum heat-transfer takes place by

 A. radiation [Correct Answer]

 B. convection

 C. conduction

 D. any of the above

Answer : A

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

Q13. Hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are used in

 A. induction heating of steel [Correct Answer]

 B. dielectric heating

 C. induction heating of brass

 D. resistance heating

Answer : A

Q14. When a body reflects entire radiation incident on it, then it is known as

 A. white body [Correct Answer]

 B. grey body

 C. black body

 D. transparent body

Answer : A

Q15. A non-dimensional number generally associated with natural convection heat transfer is

 A. Prandt1 number

 B. Grashoff number [Correct Answer]

 C. Pecekt number

 D. Nusselt number

Answer : B

Electrical Heating MCQ Part 2

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