AFCAT Salary 2024

AFCAT Salary 2024, Pay Scale, Job Profile, Benefits, Allowances

AFCAT Salary 2024 is discussed in detail below in the post. Candidates can also check AFCAT Pay Scale, AFCAT Job Profile and AFCAT Benefits And Allowances here in detail.

AFCAT Salary 2024: The Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) evaluates applicants’ aptitude and suitability for service in the Indian Air Force. It is held twice a year to choose officers for the Flying, Technical, Non-technical, and Ground Duty branches. Officers are paid differently depending on which branch they are assigned to.

AFCAT Salary 2024

AFCAT Salary 2024

Flying branch officers receive a salary of ₹85,372 which is ₹8-10 LPA. Ground Duty officers (Technical Branch) receive a salary of ₹74,872 which is ₹7-9 LPA. Ground Duty officers (Non-Technical Branch) receive a salary of ₹71,872 per month which is also ₹7-9 LPA.

The AFCAT salary 2024 structure also includes allowances and other benefits. There are additional allowances for officers who are posted in remote locations or leading operational tasks. There is also an option for officers to draw additional increments based on performance.

Overall, the AFCAT salary 2024 structure for officers assigned to the Indian Air Force after clearing the AFCAT Exam is attractive and competitive.

AFCAT Training Stipend

The training stipend to men and women during the entire training period at any of the Air Force Training Institutions after clearing the AFCAT is ₹56,100 per month (Starting pay in Level 10).

  • The training duration will be 74 weeks for the flying and technical branch.
  • In the case of Non-Tech branches, it will be 52 weeks.
  • The training authorities will provide accommodation during the entire training period.

AFCAT In-Hand Salary

Check AFCAT In-hand Per month Salary with the help of the table provided below –

Branch Salary (per month)
Flying Branch ₹85,372
Ground Duty (Technical) ₹74,872
Ground Duty (Non-Technical) ₹71,872

AFCAT Annual Package

Check AFCAT Annual In hand Package with the help of the table provided below –

Branch Salary (per month)
Flying Branch ₹8-10 lakhs
Ground Duty Non-Technical Branch ₹7-9 lakhs
Ground Duty Technical Branch ₹7-9 lakhs

AFCAT Salary 2024 Structure

Understand AFCAT Salary 2024 Structure with the help of the table provided below-

Branch Salary (per month)
Rank Flying Officer
Level 10th
Pay as per the 7th CPC pay matrix ₹56,100-1,77,500
Military Service Pay (MSP) ₹15,500 (monthly)

AFCAT Perks and Additional Benefits

Aside from their designation, AFCAT officers receive competitive pay and benefits. AFCAT salary 2024 officers receive housing, transportation, and daily meal allowances based on their rank and tenure, which improves their quality of life. The government provides these officers with comprehensive medical benefits, ensuring that they remain healthy and fit to serve the cause.

AFCAT officers can advance their careers in the Indian Air Force. The IAF also conducts several training programs to improve officers’ knowledge and skills in order to motivate them. These officers are also entitled to a pension plan upon retirement, allowing them to live comfortably after leaving the Air Force.

AFCAT Perks and Benefits

Check Perks and Benefits provided to officers in Indian Air Force below –

Particulars Details
Educational Benefits
  • Study leave (up to 24 months)
  • Tie-ups with IGNOU
  • M. Tech from IIT & BHU-IT (Technical Branches’ officers)
Scholarships and Welfare
  • Grants from the Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA)
  • An Indian Air Force officer is insured for an amount of ₹75 lakhs with an additional ₹10 lakhs for pilots. There is a minimal monthly contribution rate, and the insurance policy covers all contingencies.
Loan facility
  • House Building Loan
  • Computer Loan
  • Conveyance Loan
Placement cell
  • To provide civil job to retired officers
Medical Allowances
  • To all Air Force Officers and their families
Post-retirement Benefits
  • Pension
  • Insurance
  • Medical (Lifetime access)
Other benefits
  • Recreational and sports facilities
  • Leave travel concessions
  • School facilities
  • Institute and Messes membership
  • Secured camp life
  • Accommodation
  • Rail concessions
  • Leave- Annual leave for 60 days and casual leave of 20 days per year
  • CSD facilities

AFCAT Allowances

Officers are also entitled to allowances such as

  • Field Area Allowance
  • Island Special Duty, Area, and Remote Locality Allowance.
  • Test Pilot & Flight Test Engineer
  • Special Compensatory (Hill area)
  • Siachen
  • Special Force

In totality, AFCAT officers have significant responsibility and honor for being the frontline defenders of the nation. They are rewarded with privileges, salary packages, bonuses, and opportunities to grow in the force. The Indian Air Force offers AFCAT officers a fulfilling work experience and security for life.

AFCAT Privileges

The Indian Air Force offers its officers a wide range of benefits and privileges. These include furnished accommodation, comprehensive medical cover for self and dependents, access to a canteen and an Officers’ Mess, and access to loans at subsidized rates. Those accepted into the AFCAT Salary 2024 are also able to receive Leave Travel Concession (LTC) of up to 60 days annual and 20 days casual, subject to service exigencies. This allows them free traveling for short domestic trips for recreation or education in India.

In addition, officers in the Indian Air Force are entitled to income tax benefits, both in terms of their AFCAT salary 2024 as well as other reimbursements such as traveling expenses and mess bills. Insurance benefits are also given in the form of life and disability coverage. Finally, promotional courses are provided on a regular basis to ensure career development and professional growth.

These privileges provided by the Indian Air Force make it an attractive career choice for those successful in being accepted into the AFCAT Salary 2024. The provision of these special benefits ensures that officers’ lives and dependents’ lives are taken care of in the event of any emergency or medical condition. The various tax and insurance benefits also provide an additional level of financial security.

In short, IAF officers are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Furnished accommodation
  • Canteen, Officers’ Mess
  • Comprehensive medical cover for self and dependents
  • Leave Travel Concession (LTC). Indian Air Force officers are entitled to leave of 60 days annually and 20 days casual, subject to service exigencies.
  • Loans at subsidized rates

AFCAT Job Profile

There are various roles and responsibilities of an Officer clearing AFCAT salary 2024 to join the Indian Air Force. Check AFCAT Job Profile with the help of table provided below –

Branch Job Description
Flying Branch
  • Maintain and operate fighter planes during combat.
  • Air support and supplies.
  • Ammunition transportation tasks.
  • Transportation of material.
  • In emergency and casual situations, helicopters are available.
Ground Duty (Technical)
  • The maintenance of all aircraft technical equipment and tools.
  • Aircraft management and technical procedures.
  • Providing the technicians with the necessary tools and equipment, such as RADAR, aircraft, etc.
  • Aircraft service handling.
Ground Duty (Non-Technical)
  • Management of the fighter controller and air traffic controller.
  • Handling the department’s financial records.
  • Handling departmental logistics.
  • Education.

AFCAT Promotion and Career Growth

AFCAT Promotion and Career growth is as follows –

Promotion Level Post
Junior Level
  • Flying Officer
  • Flying Lieutenant
Executive Level
  • Squadron Leader
  • Wing Commander
  • Group Captain
Director Level
  • Air Comrade
  • Air Vice-Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Chief Marshal

Points To Remember

  • According to the timetable, promotions for the AFCAT are applicable to the top three positions.
  • Promotions for other positions are made in accordance with the work and openings.
  • Candidates are commissioned as flying officers after completing their training as flight cadets.
  • After three years of service and passing a departmental exam, Flying Officers are promoted to Flying Lieutenant.
  • Candidates are promoted to the rank of Squadron Leader after six years of service.
  • For departmental promotion and ranks, all officers must take the ‘C’ test, which covers general knowledge and post-related issues.

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