UPPCL JE Electrical PLC,SCADA, Microcontrollers Important MCQ PDF 2

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UPPCL JE Electrical PLC,SCADA, Microcontrollers Important MCQ PDF 2

1.The CPU module in the PLC is used to

A. control the outputs only

B. execute the control program only

C. read inputs only

D. read inputs, execute the control program and update outputs


2.Give the names of the buses present in a controller for transferring data from one place to another

A. data bus, address bus

B. data bus

C. data bus, address bus, control bus

D. address bus


3.Why microcontrollers are not called general purpose computers?

A. because they have built in RAM and ROM

B. because they design to perform dedicated task

C. because they are cheap

D. because they consume low power


4.What is the file extension that is loaded in a microcontroller for executing any instruction

A. .doc

B. .c

C. .txt

D. .hex


5.The information to be made available for certain heavy purchases through the newspaper is called:

A. Guideline

B. Terms and condition

C. Purchased notice

D. Tender Notice


6.The Net Present value is greater than zero means

A. Damage the Proposal

B. Accept the Proposal

C. Return the Proposal

D. Reject the proposal


7.….is used in protocols for detection of transmission errors

A. Modifiers

B. Internal Address

C. Cyclic redundancy code

D. Special code


8.DPTR is a……..bit register


B. 4

C. 8

D. 32


9.In which method we can calculate net annual return as percentage of capital investment.

A. Net percent value method

B. Return on investment method

C. Cost benefit method

D. Payback method


10.Which of the following device/system is capable of operating in high temperature with poor power conditions in dusty, dirty, corrosive atmospheres and withstand shock and vibration?

A. Laptop

B. iPad

C. Personnel computer



11.Which of the following standards has to be followed for drawing electrical installation plan?

A. IS: 375-1985

B. IS: 675-1955

C. IS: 575-1951

D. IS: 375-1951

Answer- D

12.The MVM instruction in PLC stands for

A. A Move data from memory to memory

B. Move data via direct memory access

C. Move data from reg to memory

D. Masked move


13.Incase of programmable automation, are there any changes/is there any change possible to be done in the sequence of operations

A. A Possible by changing the processor

B. Possible by changing the program

C. Possible by changing the embedded system

D. Not possible


14.Which of the following control devices is used to control/operate industrial equipment


B. Microprocessor

C. Discrete analog devices



15.Which of the following functionalities is not possible in the PLC during the “Run Mode”?

A. Executes the ladder program and energises output devices.

B. Prevents online program editing.

C. Places the processor in the RUN mode.

D. Allows you to perform program entry and editing.


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