SSC JE ONLINE MCQ-General Awareness 1

Harikesh Yadav
1 . Which one of the following is not a computer language?
A.  Cobol B.    Visual Basic
C.  HTML D.    Netscape

2 . Who among the following was the first Governor General of
A.  Lord Amherst B.    Lord William Bentinck
C.  Sir Charles Metcalfe D.    Robert Clive

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3 . Who gave the first evidence of the big-bang theory?
A.  Edwin Hubble B.    Albert Einstein
C.  S Chandrasekhar D.    Stephen Hawking

4 . Which one of the following Public Sector Bank’s emblem
figures a dog and the words ‘faithful friendly, in it?
A.  Punjab National Bank B.    Syndicate Bank
C.  Oriental Bank of Commerce D.    State Bank of India

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5 . Which one of the following is not a constituent of biogas?
A.  Methane B.    Carbon dioxide
C.  Hydrogen D.    Nitrogen dioxide

6 . In which one of the following sessions was the Indian
National Congress split into moderates and extremists?
A.  Nagpur B.    Allahabad
C.  Surat D.    Calcutta

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7 . The reservoir GB Pant Sagar is located on which river?
A.  Betwa B.    Ghaghara
C.  Kosi D.    Rihand

8 . Ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere is important for living
organisms because it
A.  prevents entry of ultra-violet rays B.    prevents entry of X-rays
C.  maintains level of oxygen on Earth D.    prevents acid rain on Earth

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9 . Which one of the following national parks is located near
A.  Dudhwa National Park B.    Great Himalayan Park
C.  Jim Corbett National Park D.    Nanda Devi National Park

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10 . Who among the following as a recipient of the Magsaysay
A.  Nirmala Deshpande B.    Arvind Kejriwal
C.  Suprabha Seshan D.    CNR Rao

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