RRB Group D Salary 2024

RRB Group D Salary 2024, In Hand, Salary Structure, Job Profile

The RRB Group D Salary ranges between Rs. 18000 to Rs. 56,900 per month. The Job Profile of RRB Group D Exam and RRB Group D Salary In Hand and Structure is mentioned below.

RRB Group D Salary 2024: According to the 7th Pay Commission guidelines, the RRB Group D Salary 2024 falls between 3 and 5 lakh per annum. It’s worth noting that RRB Group D positions are classified as central government jobs and are overseen by the Ministry of Railways.

The RRB Group D Salary 2024 falls within Level 1 of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC). This salary structure, along with job profiles and pay scales, is determined and regulated by the Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs).

RRB Group D Salary 2024

RRB Group D Salary 2024 Structure

The RRB Group D Salary 2024 Structure varies depending on the location of the posting, which is commonly classified as City-X, City-Y, or City-Z. This table summarizes the RRB Group D Salary 2024 Structure, including the pay scale, grade pay, basic pay, Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Travel Allowance based on city category.

RRB Group D Salary 2024 Structure
RRB Group D Salary Structure City – X City – Y City – Z
Pay Scale Rs. 5,200 – Rs. 20,200 Rs. 5,200 – Rs. 20,200 Rs. 5,200 – Rs. 20,200
Grade Pay 1800 1800 1800
Basic Pay Rs. 18,000 Rs. 18,000 Rs. 18,000
DA Rs. 3,060 Rs. 3,060 Rs. 3,060
HRA 24% 16% 8%
Travel Allowance Depends upon the location Depends upon the location Depends upon the location
RRB Group D Salary Rs 27,920 Rs 27,000 Rs 25,560

RRB Group D Salary 2024 In Hand 

The RRB Group D Salary 2024 In Hand amounts to approximately Rs. 28,512, considering the basic pay along with Dearness Allowances (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Travel Allowance (TA). This provides a comprehensive view of the total earnings that employees can expect to receive.

RRB Group D Salary 2024 In Hand
Parameters Amount
Basic Rs. 18,000
Dearness Allowances (DA) Rs. 2,160
House Rent Allowance (HRA) Rs. 4,320 (For Tier I city)
Travel Allowance (TA) Rs. 3,600 + Rs. 432 (DA on TA) = Rs. 4,032
Gross Salary (Sum of all above) Rs. 18,000 + Rs. 2,160 + Rs. 4,320 + Rs. 4,032 = Rs. 28,512

RRB Group D Salary 2024 Deductions

The net pay for the RRB Group D Salary 2024 is Rs. 26,482. These deductions are standard in the salary structure and may differ depending on individual circumstances and tax regulations. Employees’ net pay represents their actual earnings after all deductions have been deducted.

RRB Group D Salary 2024 Deductions
Deductions Amount
NPS (10% of RRB Group D Basic pay) Rs. 1,800
Professional tax Rs. 200
CGIS Rs. 30
Income tax (as applicable) As applicable
Total Deduction in RRB Group D Rs. 1,800 + Rs. 200 + Rs. 30 = Rs. 2,030

RRB Group D Salary After 7th Pay Commission Post-wise Pay Scale

Following the 7th Pay Commission, the RRB Group D Salary structure varies depending on the pay band and entry-level group pay. The following is a breakdown of the RRB Group D pay scale by post:

RRB Group D Salary After 7th Pay Commission
Pay Band Pay Scale Entry Level RRB Group D Group Pay
PB-1 (Rs. 15,600-60,600) Rs. 5,400 Rs. 21,000
Rs. 5,700 Rs. 23,190
Rs. 6,000 Rs. 25,380
Rs. 7,200 Rs. 29,730
Rs. 8,400 Rs. 34,080
PB-2 (Rs. 29,900-1,04,400) Rs. 12,600 Rs. 40,500
Rs. 13,800 Rs. 51,420
PB-3 (Rs. 29,900-1,04,400) Rs. 14,400 Rs. 54,450
Rs. 16,200 Rs. 63,000
PB-3 (Rs. 46,800-1,17,300) Rs. 19,800 Rs. 76,590
Rs. 22,800 Rs. 88,500
PB-5 (Rs. 1,12,200-2,01,000) Rs. 26,100 Rs. 1,38,300
Rs. 26,700 Rs. 1,47,300
Rs. 30,000 Rs. 1,59,000

RRB Group D Salary 2024 After 5 Years

The RRB Group D salary 2024 is adjusted on a regular basis to account for inflation. Based on retail inflation statistics, the government revises RRB Group D wages twice a year, in January and July. According to recent reports, Dearness Allowances (DA) for RRB Group D positions will increase by 5%. Considering the 39 percent DA allowances, this means that RRB Group D employees can expect a significant salary increase of at least Rs. 15,000 after 5 years of service. The specific salary increase will vary depending on the pay band and city of assignment, ensuring that employees are fairly compensated and in line with current economic conditions.

RRB Group D Salary 2024 Perks and Benefits

Indian Railways provides various perks and allowances to RRB Group-D employees, ensuring their well-being and job satisfaction. These perks and benefits include:

  • Fixed Conveyance Allowance: A fixed conveyance allowance is provided to assist employees with their commuting expenses.
  • Allowance for Night Duties: Employees receive additional compensation for working during night shifts, recognizing the challenges of nighttime work.
  • Compensation for Holidays: Employees are entitled to compensation for working on holidays, ensuring fair compensation for their time.
  • Medical Facilities: Access to comprehensive medical facilities is provided to cater to the healthcare needs of employees and their families.
  • Daily Allowance and Mileage Allowance: Employees receive daily allowances along with mileage allowance for local journeys beyond 8 km, facilitating their travel for work purposes.
  • Special Compensation (Tribal/Schedule Areas) Allowance: Special compensation is provided to employees working in tribal or schedule areas, recognizing the unique challenges they may face.
  • Special Allowance for Women with Disabilities: Women with disabilities receive a special allowance to support child care and education, promoting inclusivity and gender equality.
  • Conveyance Allowance for Medical Treatment: Additional conveyance allowance is given to cover expenses related to medical treatment and hospital visits.
  • Preferred Posting for Female Candidates: Female candidates are often given priority in terms of posting, with a higher likelihood of being assigned to city areas, ensuring their safety and convenience.

RRB Group D Salary Allowance 

Candidates selected for RRB Group D positions are entitled to various allowances and benefits as per the latest salary structure. These allowances enhance the overall compensation package and cater to different aspects of their job. Here are some key allowances:

  • Kilometer Allowance (KMA): This allowance is provided based on the kilometers covered by employees during official duties. The current rate is Rs 188.75 per 100 km, ensuring they are compensated for their travel.
  • Allowance In Lieu of Kilometer (ALK): ALK is given to employees deployed in non-running duties. For outstation duties, it is currently paid at the rate of 160 km per day, and for duties at headquarters, it amounts to 30% of the basic pay.
  • Accident Allowances: In cases of accidents or mishaps during duty, employees receive accident allowances to provide financial support during challenging times.
  • Officiating Allowances: Employees temporarily assigned to higher positions or responsibilities are entitled to officiating allowances, recognizing their additional duties.
  • Outstation (Detention) Allowances: For duties that require employees to stay overnight away from their headquarters, outstation or detention allowances are provided to cover additional expenses.

RRB Group D Job Profile

RRB Group D comprises several departments, including Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering, Signal & Telecommunication, Stores, Medical, and Traffic. Here’s a brief overview of the job roles:

  • Assistant Workshop (Mechanical): Responsible for coach and wagon maintenance.
  • Assistant (Carriage & Wagon) Mechanical: Deals with maintenance tasks like trip schedule, brake power certificate, etc.
  • Assistant Bridge (Engineering): Assists in bridge construction, material procurement, and design.
  • Assistant Loco Shed/ Diesel (Mechanical): Manages diesel locomotive overhauls.
  • Assistant Depot (Stores): Procures and supplies components for maintenance.
  • Assistant Loco Shed (Electrical): Handles electrical maintenance of locomotives.
  • Assistant Points man (Traffic): Operates switches and directs trains.
  • Assistant Operations (Electrical): Ensures electrical supply and maintenance.
  • Assistant S&T (Signal & Telecom): Provides signals, works with the interlocking system.
  • Assistant TL & AC (Electrical): Manages train lighting and AC systems.
  • Assistant Track Machine (Engineering): Repairs machines and maintains tools.
  • Assistant TL & AC/ Workshop (Electrical): Ensures tools and electrical appliances function correctly.
  • Assistant Works (Engineering): Involved in manufacturing rail assets and design improvements.
  • Assistant Traction Distribution (Electrical): Maintains electrical assets and power supply installations.
  • Assistant Works/ Workshop (Engineering): Assists in manufacturing and welding work.
  • Track Maintainer Group-IV (Mechanical): Maintains and repairs tracks.
  • Hospital Assistant (Medical): Provides medical care to passengers and maintains medical equipment.

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