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Attempt Free QUIZ OF DAY-18 Here. Read The Important Current Affairs MCQ From Below.

Ques. :1 The eighth BRICS summit concluded in Goa recently. The theme for the summit was
1) Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions
2) A Peaceful and Prosperous World
3) Nurturing Emerging Aspirations
4) Together to Eliminate Terror, Poverty and Illiteracy
5) None of these

Answer:-1) Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions

Ques. :2 Who among the following has been selected for Mathrubhumi Literary Award in recognition of his contribution to the field of literature?
1) Sarah Joseph
2) M Mukundan
3) C Radhakrishnan
4) Kedarnath Singh
5) None of these

Answer:- 3) C Radhakrishnan


Ques. :3 Who among the following has been appointed as the next Ambassador/PR of India to the UN Conference on Disarmament, Geneva?
1) Amandeep Singh
2) Syed Akbaruddin
3) Vikas Swarup
4) S Jaishankar
5) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Answer:-1) Amandeep Singh

Ques. :4 The navy of which of the following countries commissioned its most advanced stealth guided missile destroyer Zumwalt recently?
1) Russia
2) China
3) UK
4) US
5) Israel

Answer:-4) US

Ques. :5 The International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to organise the first ever ICC Women’s World T20 event in
1) 2017
2) 2018
3) 2019
4) 2020
5) 2021

Answer:-4) 2020


Ques. :6 The Indian pharmaceutical major Cipla has signed a memorandum of agreement for the first biosimilars manufacturing facility to be set up at a cost of nearly USD 91 mn in
1) Brazil
2) South Africa
3) Russia
4) Kenya
5) Sri Lanka

Answer:-2) South Africa

Ques. :7 Which of the following automakers in India launched ‘Circuit’ Series first electric bus made in India recently?
1) Tata Motors
2) Mahindra & Mahindra
3) Ashok Leyland
4) Eicher Motors
5) Force Motors

Answer:-3) Ashok Leyland

Ques. :8 Recently, India signed a deal to procure four Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project 11356) guided-missile stealth frigates from which of the following countries?
1) US
2) Russia
3) Israel
4) France
5) Sweden

Answer:-2) Russia


Ques. :9 The BRICS grouping recently agreed to set up which of the following in its efforts to challenge western hegemony?
1) A Military Alliance
2) BRICS Bank
3) BRICS Rating Agency
4) BRICS Free Trade Area
5) None of these

Answer:-4) BRICS Free Trade Area

Ques. :10 The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is observed every year on
1) 11 Oct
2) 13 Oct
3) 15 Oct
4) 17 Oct
5) 19 Oct

Answer:-4) 17 Oct

Ques. :11 The ninth BRICS Summit will be held in 2017 and hosted by
1) China
2) Brazil
3) South Africa
4) Russia
5) India

Answer:-1) China

Ques. :12 Who among the following has been appointed as India’s next ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?
1) Vijay Gokhale
2) Gautam Bambawale
3) Arun Kumar Singh
4) Ahmed Javed
5) Navdeep Singh Suri

Answer:-5) Navdeep Singh Suri


Ques. :13 Russia’s state-controlled oil giant Rosneft and its partners took over Indian oil firm ________ recently in an all-cash deal valued at about $13 billion.
1) Essar Oil
2) Cairn India
3) GE Oil & Gas
4) Petronet LNG

Answer:-1) Essar Oil

Ques. :14 An expert panel appointed by the govt has concluded that the mythical river Saraswati existed. The panel was headed by
1) KJ Ramesh
2) Rakesh Tewari
3) Rabi Narayan Bastia
4) KS Valdiya
5) None of these

Answer:-4) KS Valdiya

Ques. :15 The 8th BRICS Summit and BIMSTEC Summit Outreach concluded in Goa recently. Who among the following was NOT present at the two meets?

1) Aung San Suu Kyi
2) Tshering Tobgay
3) Pushpa Kamal Dahal
4) Jacob Zuma
5) None of these

Answer:-5) None of these

Ques. :16 Which of the following MoUs was signed by the BRICS nations at the recent summit held in Goa?
1) MoU for Establishment of BRICS Agricultural Research Platform
2) MoU on Mutual Cooperation between Diplomatic Academies
3) MoU on Regulations on Customs Cooperation Committee of the BRICS
4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 3)

Answer:-4) All the above


Ques. :17 Kigeli V, who died at the age of 80 in American exile recently, was the last king of
1) Somalia
2) Ethiopia
3) Rwanda
4) Uganda
5) Zambia

Answer:-3) Rwanda

Ques. :18 The govt has formally granted a licence to which of the following oil companies to set up 3,500 petrol pumps in India?
1) BP Plc
2) Royal Dutch Shell
3) ExxonMobil
4) Kuwait Petroleum Corp
5) Chevron Corporation

Answer:-1) BP Plc

Ques. :19 Which of the following countries opened the Latin America’s first elephant sanctuary recently?
1) Argentina
2) Brazil
3) Colombia
4) Venezuela
5) Chile

Answer:-2) Brazil

Ques. :20 _________ has been awarded ET Panache’s ‘Trendsetter Awards 2016.’
1) Deepika Padukone
2) Anushka Sharma
3) Sonam Kapoor
4) Priyanka Chopra
5) Vidya Balan

Answer:-3) Sonam Kapoor


Ques. :21 Anupriya Patel is currently the Minister of State in the Ministry of
1) HRD
2) Foreign Affairs
3) Home Affairs
4) Finance
5) Health and Family Welfare

Answer:-5) Health and Family Welfare

Ques. :22 Sanjay Singh has been appointed Member Secretary, Law Commission. The tenure of Twenty-first Law Commission is till 31 Aug
1) 2017
2) 2018
3) 2019
4) 2020
5) 2021

Answer:-2) 2018

Ques. :23 India is finally close to operationalizing its long-awaited nuclear weapons triad — the capability to launch nukes from land, air and sea with the commissioning of
1) INS Chakra
2) INS Sindhuvijay
3) INS Kolkata
4) INS Ranvijay
5) INS Arihant

Answer:-5) INS Arihant


Ques. :24 The Red Stag or Hangul is all set to be declared by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) a ‘critically endangered’ species. It is found in
1) Jammu & Kashmir
2) Madhya Pradesh
3) Rajasthan
4) Uttar Pradesh
5) Assam

Answer:-1) Jammu & Kashmir

Ques. :25 __________ is now officially a part of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) powerful Finance and Commercial Affairs committee.
1) Rajeev Shukla
2) Anurag Thakur
3) Sandeep Patil
4) Sanjay Nirupam
5) Ajay Shirke

Answer:-2) Anurag Thakur


Ques. :26 Which of the following countries is agreed to lease out a second nuclear attack submarine of the Akula class to India?
1) US
2) Israel
3) Sweden
4) Russia
5) France

Answer:-4) Russia

Ques. :27 Charles Scharf resigned as the Chief Executive Officer of which of the following firms recently?
1) Master Card
2) Citi Bank
3) Visa Inc
4) Standard Chartered
5) Morgan Stanley

Answer:-3) Visa Inc


Ques. :28 Which of the following public sector banks recently said it was re-issuing over 600,000 debit cards because of a potential security breach?
1) State Bank of India
2) Punjab National Bank
3) Syndicate Bank
4) Bank of Baroda
5) Canara Bank Show Answer

Answer:-1) State Bank of India

Ques. : 29 Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the National SC/ST Hub to provide support to entrepreneurs from the community in
1) Chandigarh
2) Ludhiana
3) Hyderabad
4) Chennai
5) Mumbai

Answer:-2) Ludhiana

Ques. :30 In a rare honour for an Indian sportsperson, ________ has been appointed as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Athletes’ Commission.
1) Dipa Karmakar
2) PV Sindhu
3) Saina Nehwal
4) Pullela Gopichand
5) Sania Mirza

Answer:-3) Saina Nehwal


Ques. :31 PM Narendra Modi recently inaugurated three hydroelectric projects in ________ with a cumulative generation capacity of 1,752 megawatt.
1) Jammu and Kashmir
2) Uttarakhand
3) Arunachal Pradesh
4) Himachal Pradesh
5) Uttar Pradesh Show Answer

Answer:-4) Himachal Pradesh

Ques. :32 Name the activist who has launched a political party named People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) to contest upcoming assembly elections in native state.
1) Irom Sharmila
2) Prashant Bhushan
3) Kailash Satyarthi
4) Arundhati Roy
5) Medha Patkar

Answer:-1) Irom Sharmila

Ques. : 33 The govt has said it has made it mandatory for all automobile manufacturers to furnish emission and noise level details of their vehicle starting 1 Apr
1) 2017
2) 2018
3) 2019
4) 2020
5) 2021

Answer:-1) 2017


Ques. :34 Name the fast attack craft commissioned by the Indian Navy recently.
1) INS Arihant
2) INS Aridhaman
3) INS Chakra
4) INS Mormugao
5) INS Tihayu

Answer:-5) INS Tihayu

Ques. :35 Geeta Phogat has been appointed as DSP in Haryana Police. She is the first Indian woman to had qualified for ________ event at the Olympics at London 2012.
1) javelin throw
2) shot put
3) wrestling
4) boxing
5) long jump

Answer:-3) wrestling

Ques. : 36 India and Myanmar have signed three MoUs to boost bilateral relations between two neighbouring nations. The currency of Myanmar is
1) Ringgit
2) Kyat
3) Krona
4) Shekel
5) Rupiah

Answer:-2) Kyat


Ques. :37 _________has become the first Indian city to be officially declared as one of the venues for hosting the U-17 World Cup 2017.
1) New Delhi
2) Kolkata
3) Kochi
4) Navi Mumbai
5) Chennai

Answer:-3) Kochi

Ques. :38 __________ has launched ‘Kaushalya Setu’ scheme, a skill development programme for students.
1) Madhya Pradesh
2) Uttar Pradesh
3) Rajasthan
4) Maharashtra
5) Gujarat

Answer:-4) Maharashtra

Ques. :39 Who among the following is the first recipient of the International Prize in Statistics?
1) Samiran Mallick
2) David Cox
3) M Neelakantan
4) Bradley Efron
5) None of these

Answer:-2) David Cox

Ques. :40 India and Algeria is mulling a joint venture fertilizer facility situated in the latter country. The capital city of Algeria is
1) Baku
3) Luanda
4) Algiers
5) Tirana

Answer:-4) Algiers


Ques. :41 The telecom regulator TRAI has asked the Department of Telecom to impose a penalty of nearly Rs 3,000 cr on _______ for failing to provide adequate interconnection to Reliance Jio.
1) Idea Cellular
2) Vodafone
3) Airtel
4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 2)

Answer:-4) All the above

Ques. :42 As per the recent reports published in financial newspapers, 3.2 mn accounts in five leading banks are compromised. These banks include
1) YES Bank
2) HDFC Bank
3) ICICI Bank
4) State Bank of India
5) All the above

Answer:-5) All the above


Ques. :43 The govt has unveiled a first of its kind in the world, UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik) initiative in which the fares will be capped at ______for one-hour flights on unserved and under-served routes.
1) Rs 500
2) Rs 1,000
3) Rs 2,000
4) Rs 2,500
5) Rs 3,000

Answer:-4) Rs 2,500

Ques. :44 Typhoon Haima hit which of the following countries recently killing several people and destroying rice fields?
1) Philippines
2) Sri Lanka
3) Bangladesh
4) Maldives
5) Mexico

Answer:-1) Philippines


Ques. :45 The State Bank of India (SBI) has declared _______ as its 5th zone in North East to facilitate banking issues for the customers of the region.
1) Agartala
2) Gangtok
3) Dispur
4) Aizawl
5) Silchar

Answer:-3) Dispur

Ques. :46 The World Bank has pledged USD 2-bn aid package to which of the following countries to tackle climate change over the next three years?
1) Sri Lanka 2) Pakistan
3) Bangladesh
4) Afghanistan
5) Suriname

Answer:-3) Bangladesh

Ques. :47 India and Myanmar have signed three MoUs to boost bilateral relations. The capital city of Myanmar is
1) Manama
2) Nassau
3) Baku
4) Yerevan
5) Naypyidaw

Answer:-5) Naypyidaw

Ques. :48 Which of the following is the currency of Algeria?
1) Dinar
2) Rial
3) Lek
4) Kwanza
5) Peso

Answer:-1) Dinar


Ques. :49 Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the recipients of the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award for science and technology 2016?
1) Rishikesh Narayanan – Biological Science Category
2) Partha Sarthi Mukherjee – Chemical Sciences Category
3) Sunil Kumar Singh – Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary Sciences Category
4) Avinash Kumar Agarwal – Engineering Sciences Category
5) None of these

Answer:-5) None of these

Ques. :50 Which of the following states has declared ‘Bathukamma’ as a state festival?
1) Jharkhand
2) Telangana
3) Andhra Pradesh
4) Kerala
5) Odisha

Answer:-2) Telangana