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Attempt Free QUIZ OF DAY-18-02 Here. Read The Important Current Affairs MCQ From Below.

Ques. :1 Which insurer has launched a traditional life insurance plan ‘Pragati’ for low income group people?
1) LIC of India
2) HDFC Life
3) SBI Life
4) Bajaj Allianz
5) ICICI Prudential

Ans. 2) HDFC Life

Ques. :2 The 2017 Cobra Gold Military Exercise was held in which country recently? It was the 36th edition of the multinational drill.
1) Philippines
2) Vietnam
3) Thailand
4) Cambodia
5) Venezuela

Ans. 3) Thailand


Ques. :3 India has become a member of the new Network for Improving Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. Its member countries include
1) Nigeria
2) Malawi
3) Ghana
4) Ethiopia
5) All the above

Ans. 5) All the above

Ques. :4 Which state govt has launched the e-Prison project to digitise district jails?
1) Madhya Pradesh
2) Maharashtra
3) Gujarat
4) Jammu and Kashmir
5) Tamil Nadu

Ans. 4) Jammu and Kashmir

Ques. :5 The cricket board of which country has provisionally suspended Nasir Jamshed from all forms of cricket for violating its anti-corruption code?
1) Bangladesh
2) England
3) Pakistan
4) Sri Lanka
5) Afghanistan

Ans. 3) Pakistan


Ques. :6 The five-day ‘Indian Panorama Film Festival’ was organised at which of the following places recently?
1) Kavaratti
2) Chandigarh
3) Jaipur
4) Diu
5) Port Blair

Ans. 5) Port Blair

Ques. :7 Zagreb is the capital city of which country? India and that country recently signed an agreement to boost bilateral trade and enhance economic cooperation.
1) Nigeria
2) Kenya
3) Eretria
4) Croatia
5) Sudan

Ans. 4) Croatia

Ques. :8 The Reserve Bank of India has doubled the quantum of loan that Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) can give against security of gold/ gold ornaments to
1) Rs 25,000
2) Rs 50,000
3) Rs 01 lakh
4) Rs 02 lakh
5) Rs 05 lakh

Ans. 4) Rs 02 lakh


Ques. :9 Edappadi K Palaniswami was appointed as the new Chief Minister of which of the following states?
1) Tamil Nadu
2) Karnataka
3) Andhra Pradesh
4) Kerala
5) Puducherry

Ans. 1) Tamil Nadu

Ques. :10 The Union Cabinet has approved the merger of five subsidiary banks with State Bank of India. Which of the following is NOT a subsidiary bank of the SBI?
1) State Bank of Travancore
2) State Bank of Patiala
3) State Bank of Mysore
4) State Bank of Hyderabad
5) None of these

Ans. 5) None of these