Nelly Net Worth

Nelly Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Income

What is Nelly Net Worth?

Nelly is an American rapper. Nelly Net Worth is around $80 Million.

What is Nelly salary?

Nelly earns an estimated salary of $5 Million +Per Year.

What is Nelly monthly income?

Nelly monthly income is $4,50,000 +Per Year.

Who is Nelly?

Nelly was born on November 2nd, 1974 in Austin, Texas. Nelly is not his real name. His real name is Cornell Haynes. His childhood was full of tragedy. His parents were separated when he was just seven years old. He was founded when he was just 11 years old. He signed a contract with Universal Music when he was not even 18 years old. He made hit music for Universal Music, but Universal Music management was not very excited about his – lyrics and Rap. After fighting with many different labels, he started his own label called County Grammar in 2000. A titan in the rap genre, Nelly’s success is underlined by over 22 million albums sold in the United States, multiple Grammy Awards, and a thriving entrepreneurial venture that includes a clothing line and production company.

Nelly Net Worth

Nelly Net Worth 2024$80 Million
Real NameNelly
Income And Salary$5 Million +
Monthly Income$4,50,000 +
Date of Birth2 November 1974 (49 Years Old)
Birth Place
Austin, Texas
ProfessionAmerican rapper
Height6 ft 7 in (2.01m)
Weight129 Kg or 284 lbs
CategoryNet Worth

How old is Nelly?

Currently Nelly is 49 years old (Born on 2 November 1974).

When was Nelly born?

Nelly was born on 2 November 1974, in Austin, Texas States.

What is the height of Nelly?

The height of Nelly is 6 ft 7 in (2.01m)

What is the weight of Nelly?

The weight of Nelly is 129 Kg or 284 lbs

What is the Nationality of Nelly?

The Nationality of the Nelly is American.

Is Nelly a billionaire?

Nelly is a not billionaire because Nelly net worth $30 Million.

Where did Nelly make most of his money?

Nelly make most of his money from raping.

What is the name of Nelly girlfriend?

Nelly was engaged with Ashanti.

Why Nelly is famous?

He is famous for his raping which makes his even more famous.

Why is Nelly so rich?

American rapper, Nelly Net Worth $80 Million. People of Silver City will tell you that he is an actor and rapper, but he himself will tell you that he is neither of those things according to himself. He is just an entrepreneur. Since 2000, he has been releasing all of his music under his own label. He has been in the top 10 charts seven times. He is the owner of one platinum record. One of his albums was certified six times multi-platinum on June 27, 2003. He has earned a lot of money and fame, but he has never changed his mindset about how he sees the world. According to him, Everything is about perspective and context. Apart from a rapping career, He has been composing songs and background music for many different artists and companies.