Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Kobe Bryant Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Income

What is Kobe Bryant Net Worth?

Kobe Bryant is an American basketball shooting guard. Kobe Bryant Net Worth is around $650 Million.

What is Kobe Bryant salary?

Kobe Bryant earns an estimated salary of $50 Million +Per Year.

What is Kobe Bryant monthly income?

Kobe Bryant monthly income is $5 Million + Per Year.

Who is Kobe Bryant?

Kobe was born on August 23, 1978, and was a specialized basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Moreover, he played as a shooting bodyguard for the Los Angeles Lakers too. On January 26, 2020, a helicopter hit Calabasas, California, killing Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and seven others. As a result of his skills in basketball and business investments, Kobe Bryant created a legacy. He worked hard for all of his attainment, leaving a mark on his skills in basketball and business investments. He used his skills to earn a fortune and then went on to invest in companies. Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest high school basketball players ever. He attended Lower Merion High School and received his fame there.

Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Kobe Bryant Net Worth 2024$650 Million
Real NameKobe Bean Bryant
Income And Salary$50 Million +
Monthly Income$5 Million +
Date of Birth23 August 1978 (41 Years Old)
Birth Place
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
ProfessionAmerican basketball shooting guard
Height1.98m. (6’ 6”).
Weight96 kg or 212 lbs
CategoryNet Worth

How old is Kobe Bryant?

Currently Kobe Bryant is 41 years old (Born on 23 August 1978).

When was Kobe Bryant born?

Kobe Bryant was born on 23 August 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

When was Kobe Bryant died?

Kobe Bryant died on 26 January 2020.

What is the height of Kobe Bryant?

The height of Kobe Bryant is 1.98m. (6’ 6”).

What is the weight of Kobe Bryant?

The weight of Kobe Bryant is In 96 kg or 212 lbs

What is the Nationality of Kobe Bryant?

The Nationality of the Kobe Bryant is American.

Is Kobe Bryant a billionaire?

Kobe Bryant is a not billionaire because Kobe Bryant net worth $650 Million.

Where did Kobe Bryant make most of his money?

Kobe Bryant make most of his money from playing.

What is the name of Kobe Bryant wife?

He is married with Vanessa Bryant (m. 2001–2020)

How many children does Kobe Bryant have?

He have Three children (Bianka, Natalia, and Capri Kobe Bryant)

Why Kobe Bryant is famous?

He is famous for his playing which makes his even more famous.

Why is Kobe Bryant so rich?

Kobe Bryant net worth $680 million from his playing salary and endorsements during his playing career. At age 18, Bryant was the youngest player ever on an NBA team. He got a $70 million 6-year contract extension in his third year. Even during his retirement, Kobe Bryant was one of the highest-paid athletes. More so, In his NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers, he earned over $328 million in salary alone. In 2010, he signed a three-year $90 million NBA contract extension. The most popular American professional basketball player Kobe Bryant