Important General Knowledge-Who First in Space

Harikesh Yadav
First in Space – Human Beings/Animals
03 November, 1957 First animal in space Laika, the dog Sputnik-2
12 April, 1961 First man in space Maj Yuri Gagarin Vostok 1
16 June, 1963 First woman in space Valentina Tereshkova Vostok 6
18 March, 1965 First person to walk in space Alexei Leonov Voskhod 2
25 July, 1984 First woman to walk in space Svetlana Savitskaya Salyut 7
05 May, 1961 First American in space Allan Shepard MR-3 (Freedom 7)
20 July, 1969 First man on moon Neil Armstrong Apollo 11
02 April, 1984 First Indian in space Sqn Ldr Rakesh Sharma Soyuz T-11
18 June, 1983 First US woman in space Sally Ride STS-7 (Challenger)
28 April, 2001 First space tourist Dennis Tito Soyuz TM32/31
18 September, 2006 First woman space tourist Anousheh Ansari Soyuz TMA9
19 November, 1997 First Indian (American) Woman in space Kalpana Chawla Spaceship Columbia
15 October, 2003 First Chinese in space Lt Col Yang Liwei Shenzou V
16 June, 2012 First Chinese woman in space Liu Yang Shenzou 9
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