Harikesh Yadav
From which flower is vanilla derived ?

Which city is known as “Manchester of Japan” ?

What is motion that repeats itself in a regular cycle called ?

Which city in England is called the City of the Dreaming Spires ?

Who won 4 gold and a silver medal at the 1986 Asiad games ? She
repeated her winning streak in the two consecutive games by winning 4
more silver medals ?

Which city is known as “the Holy Land” ?

Which Indian is the world champion in billiards and snooker ?

What is the common name of Ficus Religiosa ?

What is the expanded form of PETA ?

Name the wildlife sanctuary at the heart of Kerala that is home to wild animals especially elephants ?

Who built the Lotus Temple in the capital city of India ?

Which city is known as “Quaker City” ?

Name the two moons of Mars ?

Who proposed the Olympic motto “Citius Altius, Fortius ” (Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger”) ?

What is fish farming known as ?

What connects the foetus to the uterus of the mother ?

To which sport is Yelena Isanbayeva connected ?

What is the common name of Solanum tuberosum ?

What is a female opera singer called ?

Which state is known as the Land of the Fiver Rivers ?
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