Harikesh Yadav
Who discovered the Earth’s outer magnetic field ?

Which city is known as “The Land of Rising Sun” ?

What is the traditional wandering theatre form, popular in districts or small towns of West Bengal called ?

What does ISP stands for ?

Name the satellite where human beings live ?

Which city is known as Pink City ?

Who was also known as Loknayak ?

Which martial art did Bruce Lee create ?

Who won gold medals in 100m, 200m, long jump and 4 X 100m relay in 1936 Olympics ?

Which athlete broke three world track records and tied the 4th all in one day ?

Who said that all planetary objects move in an elliptical path with the sun being the centre of the ellipse ?

What is the national animal of Australia ?

In which tiger reserve in Madala, Madhya Pradesh do tigers from freely in their natural habitat ?

Which national park on the banks of the Brahmaputra River is famous for the one-horned rhinos ?

Which place is known as “the Spice Garden of India” ?

Who is the American enterprenuer and Software engineer, best known as a co-founder of Instagram ?

Which organ removes excess water from the body ?

Who was India’s first woman IPS officer ?

Which place is known as “the Queen of the Arabian Sea” ?

Which place is known as “the City of Palaces” ?

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