Electrical Daily Quiz 7th May 2022 WBSETCL JE 14th March 2nd Shift Solution

Harikesh Yadav

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 7th May 2022 WBSETCL JE 14th March 2nd Shift Solution

Question : 1 

What is the value of the gate leakage current in a JFET?

A. Order of 10-6 A
B. Order of 10-3 A
C. Order of 10-9 A
D. Order of 10-12 A
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Question : 2

What is the unit of measurement used to measure the air gap between the rotor and stator of the starter motor?

A. Millimetre
B. Plank length
C. Angstrom
D. Mil
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Question : 3 

A 3-phase 208 V 60 Hz 6 pole star connected induction motor delivers 15 kW. Find the slip if rotor speed 1116 RPM.

A. 0.14
B. 0.07
C. 0.1
D. 0.05
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Question : 4 

Identify the DC link configuration for HV DC transmission given in the figure.

A. Bipolar link
B. Homopolar link
C. Monopolar link
D. Unipolar link
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Question : 5 

How is the amplification factor (μ) for a JFET is expressed?

A. μ=rd*gm
B. μ=∆Vgs*gm
C. μ=∆Vds*∆Vgs
D. μ=∆Vds*rd
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Question : 6 

It is required to provide an illumination of 100 lux in a factory hall of 30 m length and 15 m breadth. Assume the depreciation factor is 0.8, coefficient of utilisation is 0.4 and efficiency of lamp is 14 lumen/watt. Suggest the number of lamps required when rating of the lamp is 250 W.

A. 100
B. 40
C. 20
D. 80
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Question : 7

According to which theory, any given activity delineated in a network is unlikely to be completed on time?

A. Bar chart
B. Gnat chart
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Question : 8 

Which of the following is NOT true for the slip ring induction motor when compared to the squirrel cage induction motor?

A. Rotor copper losses are high and hence less efficient.
B. Speed control by the rotor resistance method is not possible.
C. The rotor winding is similar to the stator winding.
D. Construction is complicated due to the presence of slip ring and brushes.
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Question : 9

At what interval is the ground connection of the medium installation transformer checked and the earth resistance recorded?

A. 1 Month
B. 6 Month
C. 1 year
D. 3 Month
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Question : 10

How is the community benefitted from all the business operating in their area?

A. By getting higher return on investment.
B. By having enduring partnership for raw materials, components and service.
C. By having economic and social stability.
D. By getting satisfactory service and timely delivery of goods.
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