Electrical Daily Quiz 6th May 2022 WBSETCL JE 14th March 2nd Shift Solution

Harikesh Yadav

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 6th May 2022 WBSETCL JE 14th March 2nd Shift Solution

Question : 1 

Which logic instruction is used by the 8085 microprocessor to return to the calling program?

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Question : 2

How is the electric field represented in electrostatics?

A. By electrical conductivity area
B. By electric field intensity
C. By electric flux density
D. By electric flux lines
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Question : 3

Which of the following is NOT true for the cylindrical rotor when compared to the salient pole rotor?

A. Suitable for high speed operation
B. Windage loss is less
C. Rotor causes no speed fluctuation
D. Air gap is non-uniform
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Question : 4

The air blast circuit breaker can be employed in high voltage circuits in the outdoors switch yard for _______ lines.

A. 220 kV
B. 33 k
C. 15 kV
D. 66 kV
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Question : 5

Two capacitors having capacitance of 6 μfd and 10 μfd, respectively, are connected in series across a 320 V supply. Find the charge on each 10 μfd capacitor.

A. 0.00192 C
B. 0.0032 C
C. 0.0012 C
D. 0.00512 C
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Question : 6

What is the other term used for the head of the production department of an organisation?

A. Research manager
B. Quality manager
C. Works manager
D. Engineering manager
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Question : 7

The turn OFF process of an SCR is known as ______.

A. inversion
B. commutation
C. stagnation
D. conversion
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Question : 8 

What are the two types of turbines mainly used as water turbines in hydroelectric power plants?

A. Cross flow turbine and Radial turbine
B. Axial turbine and Tyson turbine
C. Impulse turbine and Reaction turbine
D. Turboshaft turbine and Mixed flow turbine
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Question : 9

What should be the insulation resistance of the LV side of the 1600 kVA, 20 kV/400 V three-phase transformer at 30° C?

A. 15MΩ
B. 189.39 MΩ
C. 29.7 MΩ
D. 100 MΩ
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Question : 10 

Which of the following CANNOT be a cause for the creeping error in induction type single-phase energy meter?

A. Over-compensation for friction
B. Extremely low voltage across the potential coil
C. Stray magnetic fields
D. Vibration
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