Electrical Daily Quiz 4th May 2022 WBSETCL JE 14th March 2nd Shift Solution

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 4th May 2022 WBSETCL JE 14th March 2nd Shift Solution

Question : 1 

How many thyristors are there in a three-phase full wave controller?

A. 3
B. 6
C. 12
D. 24
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Question : 2

Which of the following is NOT true for the shell type transformer?

A. A core has three limbs
B. Both HV and LV windings are placed on a central limb
C. The coils used are of cylindrical type
D. A magnetic circuit is divided in two or more parts
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Question : 3 

Which stepper motor has the characteristics of excellent angular resolution and low torque?

A. Hybrid (HY) stepper motor
B. Permanent magnet (PM) stepper motor
C. Variable reluctance (VR) stepper motor
D. Separately exited (SE) Stepper motor
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Question : 4

Which layer of HV cable is intended to protect the cable from moisture, gases or other damaging liquids (acids or alkalies) in the soil and atmosphere?

A. Metallic sheath
B. Serving
C. Bedding
D. Armouring
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Question : 5

Which of the following statements is true for the synchronous motor?

A. Speed decreases with load
B. Economical for speeds above 600 RPM
C. Operate at lagging power factor
D. Requires DC excitation at rotor
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Question : 6

What is the term used for the maximum displacement of the oscillating particle from its mean position in Simple harmonic motion?

A. Frequency
B. Period
C. Amplitude
D. Oscillation
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Question : 7 

The no-load ratio required in a single-phase 50Hz transformer is 4440/404 V. If the maximum value of flux in the core is to be about 0.08 Wb, find the number of turns in primary winding.

A. 600
B. 150
C. 250
D. 372
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Question : 8 

Which of the following is a conventional source of energy?

A. Natural gas
B. Ocean Tidal Energy
C. Biogas
D. Wind
Answer- A
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Question : 9

Which of the following characteristics is NOT desirable for the ideal op-amp?

A. Infinity voltage gain
B. Zero slew rate
C. Zero off-set voltage
D. Infinite input impedance
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Question : 10

Which of the following is the appropriate use of a repulsion motor as a drive?

A. Teleprinters
B. Coil winding machines
C. Refrigerators and small portable hoists
D. Vacuum cleaners
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