Electrical Daily Quiz 30th April 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 30th April 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Question : 1 

Hooke’s law is obeyed by every material up to __________.

A. yield point
B. fracture limit
C. viscous limit
D. proportional limit
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Question : 2

If two equal resistances connected in series across a certain supply are now connected in parallel across the same supply, the power produced will be ________ that of series connection.

A. equal to
B. 0.5 times
C. two times
D. four times
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Question : 3

If the mechanical power input to the alternator is increased but the excitation is kept constant, then_____.

A. the reactive power output will decrease
B. the reactive power output will increase
C. the real power output will decrease
D. the real power output will increase
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Question : 4 

If the speed of a DC motor increases with load torque, then it is a__________.

A. DC shunt motor
B. DC series motor
C. DC cumulatively compound motor
D. DC differentially compound motor
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Question : 5

Which of the following logic circuits offers high speed operation?

A. Transistor—Transistor Logic
B. CMOS Logic
C. Emitter-Coupled Logic
D. Diode Transistor Logic
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Question : 6 

Which of the following conditions is NOT TRUE for a series RLC circuit at resonance?

A. Z=R
B. Power factor is unity
C. Z=jXL
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Question : 7 

Which one of the following is NOT an active element?

A. Current source
B. Resistance
C. Voltage dependent current source
D. Voltage source
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Question : 8 

Which category does a Pelton wheel belong?

A. Reaction axial flow
B. None of these
C. Impulse tangential flow
D. Impulse axial flow
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Question : 9

The power semiconductor device used in three-phase fully controlled rectifier fed DC drive is _________.

B. Power BJT
D. Thyristor
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Question : 10

The speed at which magnetic field of an induction motor rotates is referred to as ______speed.

A. effective
B. shaft
C. synchronous
D. slip
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