Electrical Daily Quiz 28th April 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 28th April 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Question : 1 

With change in load, the magnitude of change in terminal voltage of an alternator depends on_____

A. both the load current and power factor
B. the voltage rating of the machine
C. the load current only
D. the load power factor only
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Question : 2

Alternators are usually designed to generate power at____________.

A. particular power factor
B. particular frequency
C. variable voltage
D. variable frequency
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Question : 3 

Aluminium is preferred to be a bus-bar material because of of————-.

A. its low cost
B. its low density
C. non-availability of copper
D. the case of fabrication
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Question : 4 

Transformer operates on the principle of ______between two coils.

A. binding
B. magnetic field
C. duality
D. mutual inductance
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Question : 5

__________is measure of closeness in shape between a waveform and its fundamental component.

A. Total harmonic distortion
B. Harmonic factor
C. Lowest order harmonics
D. Distortion factor
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Question : 6 

_____must be decreased to increase the capacity of a transmission line to transmit power.

A. Resistance
B. Capacitance
C. Line inductance
D. Voltage
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Question : 7

_____________display consumes least amount of power.

B. Thermionic
C. Fluorescent
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Question : 8 

A 100 kVA, 3300/440V, 50Hz, single-phase transformer has 90 turns on the secondary winding. Assuming an ideal transformer, the number of primary turns is

A. 180
B. 2970
C. 675
D. 338
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Question : 9 

Star-delta starter is used for starting______________.

A. 3-phase induction motor
B. universal motor
C. stepper motor
D. 1-phase induction motor
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Question : 10

Mass, volume, energy, enthalpy and entropy are______ thermodynamic properties.

A. specific
B. intensive
C. extensive
D. intrinsic
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