Electrical Daily Quiz 1st May 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 1st May 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Question : 1 

The rate of doing work is called –

A. energy
B. power
C. current
D. voltage
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Question : 2 

The suitable motor for constant speed operation in cement manufacturing industry is_______.

A. DC series motor
B. Three-phase synchronous motor
C. Single-phase induction motor
D. DC differentially compound motor
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Question : 3

The resistance offered by one layer of fluid over the adjacent layer is known as

A. Viscosity
B. Compressibility
C. Density
D. Bulk modulus
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Question : 4

The current gain value of common base configuration is _____.

A. less than unity
B. greater than 20
C. 10
D. 20
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Question : 5 

The ratio of drain current to gate voltage is_______.

A. register
B. transconductance
C. current gain
D. voltage gain
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Question : 6

During the change of phase from liquid water to vapour at a constant pressure, the __________ remains constant.

A. volume
B. energy
C. temperature
D. mass
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Question : 7 

In a common collector amplifier, the voltage gain is

A. Varies with load impedance
B. Varies with input voltage
C. Constant
D. Less than 1
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Question : 8 

In a star-connected system, the phase angle difference between line and phase voltage is

A. 30°
B. 120°
C. 60°
D. 90°
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Question : 9 

In a single phase full bridge inverter, which of the following relations is CORRECT?

A. Vrms=Vdc/R
B. Vrms=Vdc
C. Vrms=V0/n
D. Vrms=2Vdc
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Question : 10

Which of the following is/are TRUE with respect to the closed-loop control system?

(1) Feedback element is present.
(2) Maintain the desired output by comparing it with the actual input.
(3) Error detector output is always more positive.

A. (3) alone
B. (2) and (3) only
C. (1) and (2) only
D. (1) and (3) only
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