Electrical Daily Quiz 18th April 2022 NBCC JE 2017 Solution

Harikesh Yadav

Electrical Daily Quiz 18th April 2022 NBCC JE 2017 Solution

Question : 1 

The iron loss in a 10 kVA 240/100 V single phase transformers is 100 watts. The maximum efficiency occurs at full load when secondary current is 50 Amps, Copper loss in transformer will be

A. 100 W
B. 50 W
C. 25 W
D. 10 W
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Question : 2

Transformer Oil should be free from moisture because presence of moisture reduces

A. Density of oil
B. Dielectric strength of oil
C. The die electric losses of the transformer
D. The lubricating property of oil
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Question : 3 

In a power supply system “Demand Factor” is defined as

A. Average Demand /Maximum Demand
B. Maximum Demand/Installed Capacity
C. Average Demand / Installed Capacity
D. Maximum Demand/Connected Load
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Question : 4 

Skin Effect

A. Increases the effective resistance and effective Internal reactance.
B. Reduces the effective resistance and effective internal reactance.
C. Increases the effective resistance but reduces the effective internal reactance.
D. Reduces the effective resistance but increases the effective reactance.
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Question : 5 

Which of the following bridges measures DC resistance

A. Wheatstone
B. Maxwell bridge
C. Hay bridge
D. Schering bridge
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Question : 6

Node voltages Va and Vg as shown in the circuit below are

A. 8/3V, 11/3V
B. 6/5 V, 11/3 V
C. 12/3V, 8/3V
D. None of these
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Question : 7 

Four voltage sources are connected in series as shown in figure. The resultant voltage between terminal a-b is

A. 12 V
B. 6 V
C. 5 V
D. 8 V
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Question : 8

Find the node voltage VA

A. 6 V
B. 12 V
C. 4.25 V
D. 3 V
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Question : 9

If the current in the armature of d.c series motor is reduced to 5%, the torque of the motor will become

A. 50% of the previous value
B. 25% of the previous value
C. 150% of the previous value
D. 125% of the previous value
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Question : 10 

Unit of reluctance of magnetic circuit is

A. AT/m
B. Weber/m
C. AT/Weber
D. H/m
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