Electrical Daily Quiz 18th April 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 18th April 2022 MPPEB Sub Engineer 2018 Solution

Question : 1 

What should be the minimum height at which the overhead lines that supply power to tramcars are installed?

A. 2m
B. 10m
C. 4m
D. 8m
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Question : 2

Which type does an X-Y recorder belong to?

A. Digital recorder
B. Oscillographic recorder
C. Magnetic tape recorder
D. Graphic recorder
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Question : 3 

_____________is used to measure frequency.

A. Maxwell’s bridge
B. Heaviside Campbell’s bridge
C. Schering bridge
D. Wien’s bridge
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Question : 4 

_____________is usually controlled by a turbine and a governor.

A. Power factor
B. Current
C. Frequency
D. Voltage
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Question : 5

_________is the difference between the true or exact value and the measured value of the unknown quantity.

A. Absolute error
B. Percentage error
C. Relative error
D. Limiting error
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Question : 6 

If a phase sequence indicator rotates clockwise for a phase sequence of RYB, then what happens when the phase sequence is changed to BRY?

A. It will not rotate.
B. It will rotate anticlockwise only.
C. It will rotate clockwise or anticlockwise.
D. It will rotate clockwise only.
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Question : 7

Why is electric braking preferred?

A. Because it avoids wear of truck
B. Because it is instantaneous
C. Because heat generated is more
D. Because the motor continues to remain loaded during braking
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Question : 8

How is hunting prevented in a synchronous motor?

A. By using accelerators
B. By using dampers
C. By using exciters
D. By using oscillators
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Question : 9

How is a ballast resistance connected with the choke?

A. In parallel only
B. Either in series or in parallel
C. Not connected directly
D. Serially only
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Question : 10

What type of rotor is used in a high speed alternator?

A. Salient pole type
B. Squirrel cage type
C. Phase wound type
D. Non-salient pole type
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