Electrical Daily Quiz 16th April 2022 NBCC JE 2017 Solution

Electrical Engineering Daily Quiz 16th April 2022 NBCC JE 2017 Solution

Question : 1 

Ideal current Source has

A. Zero internal resistance
B. Infinity internal resistance
C. High Internal Resistance
D. Low Internal Resistance
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Question : 2 

Shift resister can be built by using -……… Flip flop.

C. D
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Question : 3 

In Flemings left hand rule thumb always represents direction of

A. Current flow
B. Induced emf
C. Magnetic field
D. Mechanical force
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Question : 14 

Form factor is ratio of

A. Average / RMS value
B. Average/ peak value
C. RMS/ average value
D. RMS/ Peak value
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Question : 5 

RMS value for half wave rectified current is 5 Amps, its value for full wave rectification would be ampere

A. 10√2
B. 10/π
C. 5π
D. 10/√2
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Question : 6 

In Dynamometer type wattmeter, which type of the coil is split into two parts

A. Pressure Coil
B. Current Coil
C. Pressure Coil and Current Coil both
D. None of these
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Question : 7 

In a Zener diode

A. Forward voltage rating is high
B. Sharp breakdown occurs at low reverse voltage
C. Negative resistance characteristics exists
D. None of these
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Question : 8 

The configuration in which the voltage gain of transistor amplifier is minimum is

A. CB configuration
B. CC Configuration
C. CE configuration
D. All of these
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Question : 9 

An amplitude modulated wave is

A. The product of carrier and the modulated wave
B. Sum of the carier and its product with modulating signal
C. The sum of the carrier and the modulating wave
D. The difference between the carrier and modulating wave
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Question : 10 

The stator of an alternator is identical to that of a

A. DC generator
B. 1 phase induction motor
C. 3 phase induction motor
D. Rosenberg generator
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