Harikesh Yadav
Directions : In these questions, a sentence a part of which may need
improvement is given. Alternatives are given in (a), (b) and (c) below which may
be a better option. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (d).
1. He would often strike up conversations with complete strangers.
(a) strike for (b) strike at (c) strike into (c) No improvement
(Ans : d)

2. He enquired after my health.
(a) of (b) for (c) into (c) No improvement
(Ans : d)

3. The Principal asked me that I should not enter his office without
permission :
(a) don’t enter (b) not to enter (c) not entering (c) No improvement
(Ans : b)

4. He was carried away by his mental abilities.
(a) carried on (b) carried through (c) carried off (c) No improvement
(Ans : d)

5. He boasted about his accomplishments.
(a) for (b) of (c) at (c) No improvement
(Ans : b)

6. There is absolutely no reason to call his statement in question.
(a) under question (b) out of question (c) into question (c) No improvement
(Ans : c)

7. Life is, in any case, all about choices. Is it?
(a) Isn’t it? (b) Won’t it? (c) Doesn’t it? (c) No improvement
(Ans : a)

8. He did not know that you are busy.
(a) were (b) might be (c) will be (c) No improvement
(Ans : a)

9. The boys are listening to my lecture since 8 o’clock this morning.
(a) were listening (b) have been listening (c) had been listening (c) No improvement
(Ans : b)

10. I couldn’t help to shed tears at the plight of the earthquake
(a) in shedding (b) shedding (c) shed (c) No improvement
(Ans : b)

11. I insist that you should take immediate action to put this right.
(a) that you must take (b) that you take (c) that you need to take (c) No improvement
(Ans : b)

12. The members swore on the Constitution to uphold the integrity of the
(a) by (b) at (c) upon (c) No improvement
(Ans : a)

13. He professed oneself satisfied with the progress made.
(a) He professed satisfaction (b) He professed himself satisfaction
(c) He professed himself satisfied (c) No improvement
(Ans : c)

14. A trip of Mussoorie should benefit you.
(a) be beneficial with you (b) do you benefit (c) do you good (c) No improvement
(Ans : c)

15. His sudden departure demonstrates that how unreliable he is.
(a) how unreliable he is (b) that unreliable he is (c) how unreliable he was (c) No improvement
(Ans : a)

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