Harikesh Yadav
Directions : In these questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the
one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.
1. That which cannot be done without
(a) impracticable
(b) indispensable
(c) impossible
(d) unmanageable
(Ans : b)

2. A person who maliciously sets on fire the property etc.
(a) politician
(b) terrorist
(c) incendiary
(d) activist
(Ans : c)

3. A government which honours all religions.
(a) theocratic
(b) insecular
(c) secular
(d) democratic
(Ans : c)

4. To favour one’s own relatives.
(a) nepotism
(b) favouritism
(c) red-tapism
(d) optimism
(Ans : a)

5. A person who is skilled in horsemanship.
(a) equestrian
(b) jockey
(c) cavalier
(d) cavalryman
(Ans : a)

6. A man with abnormal habits.
(a) eccentric
(b) arrogant
(c) sceptic
(d) egoist
(Ans : a)

7. A person who was unusual or remarkable abilities.
(a) freak
(b) marvel
(c) fraud
(d) prodigy
(Ans : d)

8. Collector of coins and medals.
(a) numismatist
(b) philatelist
(c) palmist
(d) archaeologist
(Ans : a)

9. A child brought up by person who are not his parents.
(a) orphan
(b) foster-child
(c) illegitimate
(d) bastard
(Ans : b)

10. A free thinker on religion.
(a) nepotist
(b) libertine
(c) iconoclast
(d) introvert
(Ans : b)

11. An instrument for measuring electric current.
(a) altimeter
(b) anemometer
(c) ammeter
(d) audiometer
(Ans : c)

12. A person who wants to create lawlessness in the state–
(a) anarchist
(b) communist
(c) sceptic
(d) revolutionist
(Ans : a)

13. The science of earthquakes.
(a) astronomy
(b) geology
(c) geography
(d) seismology
(Ans : d)

14. Feeding on grass, cereals, etc.
(a) herbivorous
(b) graminivorous
(c) carnivorous
(d) omnivorous
(Ans : b)

15. Place of permanent residence.
(a) nation
(b) harbour
(c) home
(d) domicile
(Ans : d)

16. A funeral bell.
(a) call
(b) knell
(c) summon
(d) replica
(Ans : b)

17. One who believes that pleasure is the highest good.
(a) epicure
(b) celibate
(c) hedonist
(d) snob
(Ans : c)

18. One who relies on experience.
(a) pragmatic
(b) credible
(c) empiric (d) pedant
(Ans : d)

19. One who makes a scientific study of insects.
(a) anthropologist
(b) anthropolist
(c) entomologist
(d) misogynist
(Ans : c)

20. A person who has an obsessive wish to steal.
(a) kleptomaniac
(b) bibliomaniac
(c) theomaniac
(d) dipsomaniac
(Ans : a)

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