Harikesh Yadav
Directions : In these questions out of the four alternatives, choose the one
which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
1. He sat glowering at his opponent.
(a) threatening (b) cheering (c) swearing (d) fixing (Ans : a)

2. Poverty has become chronic in countries like Ethiopia.
(a) persistent
(b) durable
(c) painful
(d) severe
(Ans : a)

3. He is known to be a prolific writer.
(a) versatile
(b) productive
(c) great
(d) powerful
(Ans : b)

4. The Radcliffe line delineated, demarcated, defined and destroyed the
destinies of millions of people.
(a) distribute
(b) divide
(c) paint
(d) depict
(Ans : d)

5. Leaders of some political parties make fiery speeches.
(a) fantastic
(b) bombastic
(c) passionate
(d) eloquent
(Ans : c)

6. He reserved the right to order scrutiny in cases where understatement was
quite blatant.
(a) deliberate
(b) unintentional
(c) deceptive
(d) obvious
(Ans : d)

7. A recalcitrant child in a family is a big problem.
(a) disobedient (b) weak
(c) talkative
(d) dull
(Ans : a)

8. Because of his haughty temperament, he cannot have many friends.
(a) arrogant
(b) ill-natured
(c) violent
(d) impatient
(Ans : a)

9. The difference, if it exists, is extremely tenuous.
(a) slight
(b) artificial
(c) cheap
(d) invisible
(Ans : a)

10. Under no circumstances an accomplice should go unpunished.
(a) adviser
(b) abettor
(c) subordinate
(d) accused
(Ans : b)

11. The honeymoon period for the new government is over.
(a) inexperience
(b) goodwill
(c) confidence
(d) grace
(Ans : b)

12. The disgruntled members of a party are a constant source of tension to the
party leader.
(a) disloyal
(b) dishonest
(c) discontented
(d) dispirited
(Ans : c)

13. His style is quite transparent.
(a) verbose
(b) involved
(c) lucid
(d) witty
(Ans : c)

14. More effective measures should be adopted for the conservation of forests in
(a) protection
(b) cultivation
(c) propagation
(d) supervision
(Ans : a)

15. The placid waters of the lake gave him comfort and consolation.
(a) calm
(b) deep
(c) clear
(d) cold
(Ans : a)

16. I am beginning to find her novels rather passé.
(a) old-fashioned
(b) lengthy
(c) sentimental
(d) obscene
(Ans : a)

17. She gave a terse reply.
(a) polite
(b) offensive
(c) brief
(d) lengthy
(Ans : c)

18. The crisis warrants special measures.
(a) mentions
(b) justifies
(c) propagates
(d) undertakes
(Ans : b)

19. The judge was both a judicious and impartial man.
(a) judicial
(b) wise
(c) intelligent
(d) kind
(Ans : b)

20. Sorry, that was a bit of a goof on my part.
(a) slip
(b) excuse
(c) error
(d) oversight
(Ans : c)

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