Harikesh Yadav
1. Who among the following won her first women’s singles crown in 78th 11Even Sports Table Tennis Senior National Championships?
a. Manika Batra
b. Madhurika Patkar
c. Mamta Prabhu
d. Monalisa Mehta

2. In which of the following cities will India host the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup basketball tournament in July 2017?
a. Hyderabad
b. Chennai
c. Delhi
d. Bangalore

3. Center of Excellence for Para Sports’ foundation stone was laid in
a. Gandhi Nagar
b. Surat
c. Rajkot
d. Ahmedabad

4. Which of the following venture of google has been sold to Planet Labs?
a. Waze
b. Bottom Line
c. Nest labs
d. Terra Bella

5. Who among the following has been appointed as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KPMG in India?
a. Arun Kumar
b. S.K. Iyer
c. Praveen Sethi
d. Naveen Patel

6. Which of the following markets has India decided to open for non-state companies ?
a. Oil
b. coal
c. gold
d. diamond

7. Which of the following England cricketer has been
honored with the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British
Empire (CBE)?

a. Jos Buttler
b. Stuart Broad
c. Eoin Morgan
d. Alastair Cook

8. Which of the following airways has launched the world’s longest flight?
a. EVA
b. Emirates
c. Qatar Airways
d. Turkish Aiways
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