ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010 and 2012 Questions Paper Analysis With Important Topics

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication (ECE) 2010 and 2012 Questions Paper Analysis With Important Topics

Here I am writing review of ECIL GET ECE 2010 and 2012 exam, I am thanks full to student who have written review of 2010 and 2012 exam on various portal. These student have attempted ECIL GET Exam 2010 and 2012 on the basis of theirs review here I am writing a complete review.

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

According to review in 2010 and 2012 exam pattern as following

Total no of questions-50 (Only technical questions)

Total Marks-150 each questions 3 marks

Total Times-120 Minutes

Negative Marking-One marks for each wrong answers

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

That time exam was easy and competition was also easy and there is sufficient time for solving 50 questions, But in GET 2017 Exam will be not easy because there is 100 questions in 90 minutes but there will be no negative marking .

Expected this time exam will be also easy but due large no of candidate and less time, Competition will be high.

I hope my this review will provide great to ECIL GET 2017 Aspirants.

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

Important Topics Have Asked In 2010 And 2012 GET Exam-

Here I am providing important topics which have asked in 2010 and 2012 exam based on student review.


2.Microwave and Wave guide

3.Digital circuit

4.Electronics devices and circuit (Basic level questions only)

5.Networks Analysis

6.Control System (2-3 basic questions)

7.Signal System (1-2 questions)

8.Communication (1-2 questions)

9.Transmission Lines


11.Basic Electronics

Questions Have Asked In 2010 And 2012 GET Exam-

Important Questions which have asked in GET 2010 and 2012 exam as following

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

  • Bolometer is used to measure
  • Find reflection coefficient given Zl & Z0
  • Routing occurs in which layer-( Network layer)
  • What is steady state error of TF=(1/1+st) for ramp Input
  • Which diode has a Metal junction-schotky diode
  • Major disadvantage of FM
  • For JFT to operate in linear mode,Vgs is
  • Ending address of memory is 8 KB,Find starting location
  • Find figure of merit,given SNR(I/P) & SNR(O/P)
  • 2 problems on PRF (radars)

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

  • Simple problem on zener diode
  • 2 simple problems in networks
  • Find Laplace transform of coswt.
  • Number of 8kb memories required for 12bit address line and 4 bit data line
  • Find gain of antenna in DB, if area of aperture is given.
  • Which of the following has nonlinear output?
  • Problem on successive approx ADC
  • Problem on Resolution in ADC
  • Noise margin expression in terms of Vih, Voh, Vol
  • 2 simple problems on op-amps
  • Wave guide acts as-high pass filter
  • When you multiply Two numbers which are of 2’s complement .. what will be range
  • Light propagation in optical fiber uses total internal reflection
  • Isotopes have
  • What is the gray code for 5?
  • JFET linear region occurs where gate voltage is
  • Unambiguous range when PRF=2KHZ is ___ ?
  • Phase sensitive demodulator is used in instruments
  • For a 13-bit DAC(0-10v) when a binary input increased by 1 output(V0) increases by ____?
  • In a transmission line maximum power is delivered to load when standing wave ratio is
  • To design a 16KB memory system using chips having 12 address lines and 4 data lines, the number of such chips required_______?
  • A 1mw signal is attenuated at the rate of 5dB/1000ft. What is the power level into receiver that is 6000ft from signal source
  • When the transmission line is loss less relation between R,L,G and C—?
  • v(t)=2sin(2000wt)+0.3cos(4000piet)+0.1 find sampling frequency____?
  • At what condition gain of feedback system =(1/B)___?
  • RAID configuration of disks are used to provide___?

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

  • Two voltages sources 0f 1.5v having internal resistances each 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm are connected in parallel. A 0.8ohm is connected across the combination, find the heat generated___?
  • To store a floating point number, in a computer system, having 16-bit mantissa and 8-bit exponent(each in 2’s complement) what are the smallest and largest positive values which can be stored___?
  • Semaphores are used for___?
  • For a coaxial cable Z0(characteristic impedance)=75ohms, (load impedance)ZL=75ohms and connected source is 10V DC then V0(output)=___?
  • Rise time for 1st order system when 1v input is 1second and for 2v input is ___?
  • X(t) is the input function and h(t) is the impulse response for the system, then output can be found using____?
  • (Z)^-1 represents___?

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

  • Dominant form of distortion in simple Push-Pull Amplifier____?
  • A source 10Sqrt(2) sin(wt) having internal resistance 10+40i is connected with a load 10-40i, find the optimum power delivered to the load___?
  • Four easy questions on OPAMP circuits—-(on schmitt trigger, Integrator, find Zin)
  • Given UV light frequency and asked frequency____?
  • In 4 bit Successive approximation method, for b1=0, what should be the input combination.
  • One question from network ckt based on balanced Wheatstone bridge concept.
  • In a medium having Er=2 and Ur=2(Relative permittivity and relative permeability) find the velocity of the wave____?
  • A question on Zenor diode (asked max and min load currents)?
  • Rise time =2*10^(-7) find bandwidth==?

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

  • Given G(s) of unity feed back ,find frequency (Wn)From RADAR, PRF frequency given,we have to find maximum usable range .
  • From RADAR,time taken is given we have to find Range of RADAR.
  • Microwave oven works on which concept
  • Find DC gain of 1/s(s+1)(s+2).
  • Which Theorem effect is related to cooling
  • One question from memory size and address line related.
  • Two questions from transistor ckt
  • Two- three questions from ADC & DAC , related to resolution & all.
  • Two very simple question from OPAMP based on virtual ground concept, .
  • If one input of EX-Or gate is Vcc and other is A. then what would be the output.
  • Two more question from network circuit based on simple current & voltage division and basic network theorems.
  • Beta radiation emits
  • Which of the following have least ripple factor?

ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

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ECIL GET Electronics And Communication 2010

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