Animal Well Review 2024

Animal Well Review 2024: You Won’t Believe How Deep This Well Goes

Animal Well Review 2024 is a non-combat Metroidvania with deep, complex secrets.

It’s been weeks since I finished Animal Well and I still can’t get it out of my thoughts. I’m utilizing the phrase ‘completed’ fairly liberally right here. I beat the ultimate ‘boss’ (one other phrase I’m utilizing liberally), saw the credits roll, and even went again to completely discover the world, uncovering each final pixel on the map in that oh-so-satisfying Metroidvania method. And but, I do know there’s still so much extra to seek out.

Animal Well’s secrets and techniques run extremely deep, and each discovery results in new alternatives. That’s partly why I can’t shake it now. Its unsolved mysteries cling to me, demanding to be resolved. A phrase of warning: when you enter the Animal Well, you may by no means go away.

Animal Well Review 2024
Animal Well Review 2024

I’ve been infatuated with Animal Well since I first noticed it years in the past at PAX. Developer Billy Basso’s seven-year solo venture is likely one of the most beautiful pixel artwork video games I’ve ever seen. The best way he makes use of reflections and light-weight to provide depth and dimension to every atmosphere is masterful, making a temper that’s as serene and peaceable as it’s foreboding and hostile. The juxtaposition in tone is reinforced by its music and sound design: A synth-y, dreamy, arhythmic rating layered on prime of the ambient symphony of nature. Water dripping, wings flapping, the pitter-patter of squirrels’ and rabbits’ little feet, a disembodied canine demon that chases you endlessly – Animal Well’s vibe is singular. In case you get it, you received’t have the ability to get sufficient of it.

After we speak about Metroidvanias, it’s typically helpful to give attention to the methods they depart from the established requirements. Animal Well Review 2024 is firmly rooted within the well-worn conventions of style, however the methods through which it departs make it a essentially totally different expertise. Many video games have developed from Tremendous Metroid, however Animal Well is on a branching path. Simply as Hades’ narrative-driven strategy to Roguelikes was a brand new place to begin for the style, Animal Well represents one thing new and far wanted within the Metroidvania house.

The factor that the majority units Animal Well Review 2024 other than different Metroidvanias is the lack of fight. There are risks – the aforementioned ghost canine for one – and the little blob you play as has a well being bar, however the recreation is constructed round avoiding threats, utilizing your objects to distract or disable the creatures that wish to eat you, and most significantly, studying tips on how to work with animals to resolve puzzles.

Animal Well Review 2024

Its energy fantasy stays the identical: you start weak, scared and misplaced in a giant complicated world, and ultimately you turn into the grasp of that world. However whereas your typical Metroidvania creates that development by juicing you up with tremendous missiles, energy bombs, and power tanks, you may solely turn into the grasp of Animal Well by studying tips on how to safely navigate the world and co-exist with the animals who reside there.

Upgrades are as core to Animal Well’s lock-and-key strategy to exploration the identical method they’re in any recreation, however these mundane upgrades have surprisingly novel expressions. To resolve the sport’s many puzzles and make your method by means of its elaborately constructed, interconnected world, you’ll depend on on a regular basis objects like frisbees, yo-yos, and slinkys.

Animal Well Review 2024

These all symbolize unconventional methods to work together with the world. Fairly than unlocking a double bounce, you unlock a bubble wand that allows you to blow bubbles and bounce on them to succeed in greater locations. The frisbee, slinky, and yo-yo can activate switches you may’t usually attain, in three distinct methods. There’s an unimaginable quantity of depth in the way in which this stuff work collectively, and even after greater than a dozen hours of exploration, I’m nonetheless discovering new makes use of for them.

Talking of playtime, your mileage will range fairly dramatically. In case you’re fairly skilled with Metroidvanias and puzzle video games it’s best to have the ability to roll credit in 5 to seven hours. After that you simply’ll be on the hunt for easter eggs, that are hidden all all through the world, many in locations which can be extremely tough to seek out. Once I had the map totally explored, each pixel crammed in, I used to be nonetheless in some way lacking ten eggs. That is the form of recreation that can take a group of recreation detectives to crack, as a result of discovering all of the eggs isn’t even the tip. The extra you set into Animal Well, the extra you’ll get out of it. It’s unbelievable what number of secrets and techniques Basso managed to pack in. There’s nothing in Animal Well that’s so simple as it appears.

Animal Well Review 2024

I’m spellbound by Animal Well Review 2024, and I’ve each religion that it’s going to be the most important breakout indie hit since Balatro. There’s a lot extra I’d prefer to say, however each further phrase dangers ruining some essential a part of the expertise. There are such a lot of joys in small discoveries that you simply not often discover anymore in such a well-established style, and I can’t wait to see what sort of affect Animal Well has on future video games.

This can be a recreation greatest performed alongside buddies who can go in with none expectations and work by means of obstacles collectively. Don’t anticipate to have the ability to remedy all the things by yourself, however on the identical time, do all the things you cannot to ask for assist. In case you might be snug with contradictions like that, you’ll discover rather a lot to like in Animal Well.


  • Sound and art work together to create a beautifully haunting world.
  • Subverts the Metroidvania conventions to create a totally unique experience.
  • Unbelievably dense with secrets to uncover.

Animal Well Review 2024


“I’m peeing in a jar and haven’t slept for days trying to figure this thing out”


Psychedelic Metroidvania


The puzzles, secrets, and occasionally stumbling upon something terrifying


That I can only play it for the first time once


Shared Memory

Animal Well Review 2024


PlayStation 5 (Played), Switch, PC


May 9, 2024


18 hours total. Finished the main game, collected 55 eggs, glimpsed what laid beyond

“Animal Well Review 2024”

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