100 Important General Awareness Questions & Answers For NMRC/CIL EXAM

100 Important General Awareness

1. In which State is ‘Silent Valley’ located? – Kerala
2. Which is the International Date Line? – 180° longitude
3. The main cause of Tsunami is – Earthquake on sea floor
4. The Central Drug Research Institute of India is located at – Lucknow
5. Nomination of Rajya Sabha Members by the President was taken from the Constitution of – Iraland
6. The concept of Soverign Parliament originated in – England
7. National Institute of Rural Development is located at – Hyderabad
8. Who is considered the Architect of the Indian Constitution? – B.R. Ambedkar
100 Important General Awareness

9. Who said that “India’s soul lives in villages” ? – Mahatma Gandhi
10. What was the name of the Newspaper edited by Gandhiji till 1933 ? – Young India
11. Who started the “Servants of India Society” ? – Gopalkrishna Gokhale
12. Who among the following revolutionaries was executed by the British? – Rajguru
13. In which of the following towns is “Moti Masjid” situated? – Agra
14. Which of the following are beliefs of Buddhism?
a. The world is full of sorrows.
b. People suffer on account of desires.
c. If desires are conquered, nirvana will be attained.
d. The existence of God and Soul must be recognised.
(C) a, b and c
100 Important General Awareness
100 Important General Awareness
15. Which of the following is a good source of Vitamin ‘E’ ? – Fresh Vegetables
16. Penicillin is isolated from – Fungi
17. The total number of bones in the human body is – 206
18. Bile is secreted by – Liver
19. Name the vitamin not found in any animal food? – Vitamin C
20. The largest organ of human body is – Liver
21. Which type of mirror is used in the head lights of vehicles? – Concave mirror
22. The height of a geo-stationary satellite from the Earth’s surface is approximately – 36,000 km
23. An electric iron has a heating element made of – Nichrome
24. The planet nearest to the Sun is – Mercury
100 Important General Awareness

25. The process of covering water pipes made of Iron with Zinc layer to prevent corrosion is called – Galvanization
26. The particle required to continue the chain process of Uranium fission is – Neutron
27. Which of the following is used to increase the anti-knocking property of petrol? – Tetraethyl lead
28. The chief source for the production of nitrogeneous fertilizers is – Ammonia
29. Fifth generation computers do not have – Vacuum tubes
30. Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle data? – CPU chip
31. The Indian monument recently inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List is – Jantar Mantar of Jaipur
32. Yen is the currency of – Japan
33. Nasik is situated on the bank of the river – Godavari
34. Which one of the following is a ‘Surface to Air Missile’? – Trishul
100 Important General Awareness
35. Nehru Trophy is associated with – Hockey
36. Odissi classical dance originated in – Orissa
37. Who discovered America? – Columbus
38. The famous painting ‘Monalisa’ was the creation of – Leonardo-Da-Vinci
39. The first women to swim across seven important seas is – Bula Choudhary
40. Insulin was discovered by – F. Banting
41. The radioactive Strontium-90 causes – Skin cancer
42. Shivpuri National Park of Madhya Pradesh is important for – Leopard and Chital
43. Decibel is a term connected with – sound
44. Van Mahotsav’ is associated with– Protection of plants
100 Important General Awareness

45. The Accounting Year of Reserve Bank of India runs from – April to March
46. Agricultural Commodities are graded with – AGMARK
47. The food stocks that are built up during the years of bumper harvest are called – Grain stock
48. The Minimum Wages Act was first passed in India in the year – 1948
49. Human Development Index was developed by – Mahbub-ul-Haq
50. Crop sown soon after the onset of South-West monsoon in India is called – Kharif
1. Which state is rich in jute? –West Bengal
2. Which of the following countries are connected by the Palk Strait? – India and Sri Lanka
3. Match the following–
1. Hazaribagh – a. Coal
100 Important General Awareness
2. Neyveli – b. Iron
3. Jharia – c. Lignite
4. Rourkela – d. Mica
ld, 2c, 3a, 4b
4. What is the minimum percentage of votes a political party must get to acquire the status of a registered party? – 2%
5. Who estimated the National Income for the first time in India? – V.K.R.V. Rao
100 Important General Awareness
6. Economic development depends on – Natural resources, Capital formation and Size of the market
7. National Income is generated from – any productive activity
8. Money supply is governed by the – Reserve Bank of India
9. The headquarters of WTO is at – Geneva
10. Which state is called the ‘Rice Bowl’ of India? – Andhra Pradesh
11. The highest waterfall of India is – Jog falls
100 Important General Awareness
12. Which one of the following is known as the ‘immovable property’ in the cell? – Nucleic acid
13. Water from soil enters into the root hairs owing to – Capillary pressure
14. What is meant by a ‘pir’ in the Sufi tradition? – The Guru of the Sufis
15. Khalsa Panth was created by Guru Gobind Singh in which year? – 1699
16. Who propounded the Panchsheel Principles? – Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru
17. On April 12, 1944 Subhash Chandra Bose hoisted the INA Flag in a town, In which State/ Union Territory is that town now? – Andaman and Nicobar Islands
18. Arrange the following Magadhan dynasties in chronological order–
I. Nandas II. Sisunagas III. Mauryas IV. Haryankas –
IV, II, I and III
100 Important General Awareness
19. The term of office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is – 6 years
20. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India ? – Sukumar Sen
21. What IS the retirement age for a Supreme Court Judge? – 65 years
22. Name the ‘Political Guru’ of Mahatma Gandhi. – Gopala Krishna Gokhale
23. The average life span of red blood corpuscles is about – 100 – 120 days
24. Dormancy period of animals during winter season is called – Hibernation
100 Important General Awareness

25. The angle in which a cricket ball should be hit to travel maximum horizontal distance is – 45° with horizontal
26. The minimum number of geostationary satellites needed for uninterrupted global coverage is – 2
27. The best conductor of electricity among the followings – Silver
28. Breeding and management of bees is known as – Apiculture
29. The vitamin necessary for coagulation of blood is – Vitamin K
30. Which of the following is not a computer network? – Personal network
100 Important General Awareness
31. When a group of computers is connected together in a small area without the help of telephone lines, it is called –
Local Area Network (LAN)
32. Which one of the following elements is used in the manufacture of fertilizers? – Potassium
33. Natural rubber is the polymer of – Isoprene
34. In addition to hydrogen, the other abundant element present on Sun’s surface is – Helium
35. Which of the following is the major constituent of LPG? – Butane
36. Flight Recorder is technically called –Black box
37. Santosh Trophy is associated with – Football
38. Kathakali classical dance originated in –Kerala
39. The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by – Jonas E. Salk
40. Who discovered sea route to India via the ‘Cape of Good Hope’? –Vasco da Gama
41. The 16-year-old school-boy, Arjun Vajpai who became the youngest Indian to successfully climb the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, on May 22, 2010, is from which state? – Uttar Pradesh
100 Important General Awareness
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42. Which one of the following is an ‘Air-to-Air missile? – Astra
43. Yuan is the currency of – China
44. IUCN categorized major threatened species under – seven classes
45. Minamata disease was caused by – Mercury
46. Ozone layer is present in – Stratosphere
47. The National Integration Council (NIC) is chaired by the – Prime Minister
48. The first atomic bomb was thrown over –Hiroshima
49. Which of the following countries has entered into an agreement with India for the supply of Advanced Jet Trainer (HAWK) ? – England
50. The name of the ‘Cargo Ship’ which sank off Mumbai coast recently. causing oil spill in the Arabian Sea. was – MSC Chitra
100 Important General Awareness